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@ebswearspink on the changes to the Racial Discrimination Act, 1975

The wise Ebony aka @ebswearspink dissects the implications of repealing section 18C and other proposed changes to the Racial Discrimination Act 1975:

Ebs writes:

While the Racial Discrimination Act does not limit freedom of speech (a right that we have largely implied we have in Australia thanks to our adoration of the US) or take away the pain that can be caused from racial vilification, it does act as a deterrent to some which for me is incredibly important.

While the current protections within the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 are not much protection, as far as actual protection goes, it is still something that those of us living in this country who suffer or have suffered from racial comments, vilification and abuse rely upon.

If you are wondering what this has to do with intersectionality I suggest you read our post Intersectionality and Solidarity.


Many thanks to Ebony (@ebswearspink) for allowing us to reblog her post.

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