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Majorite Opprimee: Feminist blinkers

For the last couple of days this short video called, “Majorite Opprimee” by EleonorĂ© Pourriat has caused a sensation online for her no holds bar reverse representation of overt sexual harrassment of women.

From the confronting view of women jogging braless, to the sight of the hero of the film being threatened with gang rape, this film has an important message.

Many western liberal feminists groups and publications have applauded the video extolling the method to get this message across – the interchange of sexes to make a point.

What I find amusing (I’m being polite) is the blatant racism in the video. In one scene our hero/ine asks the muslim nanny whether he is hot under his hijab and tells him that he is not the property of his wife.

This is demeaning dialogue. The muslim nanny is portrayed as a typical one dimensional submissive muslim woman. The assumptions about muslim women and religion are offensive.

Majorite Opprimee is a good example of the blinkers that western liberal feminists in the West wear when dealing with or talking to Women of Colour (WoC). These blinkers overlook the condescension and ultimately the racism that their intentions & overtures to WoC is couched in. Western liberal feminists assume that their way of life is the right way of life and the way of life that WoC should aspire to.

These blinkers are also a symptom of an assumption that liberal feminism is the key to all women’s problems. I like to call this assumption the invisible hand of western feminism. As if the benefits that western feminists enjoy will trickle down to third world feminists.

I’m sorry but I don’t aspire to be on the board of a multinational corporation (on the same wage as my male colleagues) that exploits nature and workers in order to make a profit. I’d prefer to identify and smash the structures that are in place that have created and maintain ‘third world’ economies and poverty. What is the point of being equal to men if you are complicit in the destruction of workers rights & the environment. I just don’t get that.

There was a clever twitter hashtag last week #IfIWasWhite. This was my contribution:

#IfIWasWhite I would ignore the racism in the latest viral feminist hit on social media.

Let’s not celebrate feminism when it is racist or classist or homophobic or trans* phobic or ableist please.

Christine Donayre